Top Tips for Brain Training in Public Speaking

 Top Tips for Brain Training in Public Speaking

People often ask how I manage to remember all my speeches - "How do you hold all that information in your head?" 

There are a few strategies that can work - here are some suggestions to improve your ability to think on your feet! 

1. Number your points and count them off on your fingers (this obviously works easity if you have a small number of points!) If you're doing a long presentation, use your power point slides as prompts with pictures which trigger your memory. Avoid putting everything on the slide and reading it off - you still need to make an effort to be the "added value" in the presentation. YOU are the presenter. You can still count off your points on your fingers within each slide. 

2. Mind maps always work for me - "draw" your speech in a circle, starting top rights and working your way around to your conclusion at top left. The points should be single word bullet-points. It's easier to remember concepts or ideas than full sentences.

3. Sign up to Lumosity: This won't directly help your speaking, but it's great brain-training and will give you increased confidence in your own mental ability. 

4. Design your talk around an ACRONYM - that way your speech hinges on a letter per idea and you're guided by the word. It also makes your talk more memorable for the audience.

5. Good old-fashioned practice. Yup, it's true - this is tried and tested; there is no substitute for practice. Even quietly inside your car or shower or when you're pretending to work - that still counts as practice! 

6. When I prepare, I always make sure I'm clear on my dates, numbers and names and the rest I structure around a few memorable stories with my points being made after each story. 

7. Practise telling story-jokes. This way, you'll get used to ordering ideas and delivering them to an audience. It's a short simple exercise but it will increase your confidence and your ability to memorise bits of information. And your friends and family will enjoy your efforts! 

Good luck with your presentations! 


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