Top Tips for Keeping it Fresh



1. Try new stories.

The stories you have been using are tried and tested, but new ones will bring some freshness - not least of all because you will need to be more "present" to concentrate on what you are saying. A variation on this is to rearrange the order you deliver your material - obviously making sure there is still a logical flow! 

2. Visual aids. 
Bring a prop to support your ideas and create a lasting impression. People respond to colour and visual aids, so explore this strategy and have some fun with it! 

3. Ask someone to summarise the main points of your talk. 
This will not only reinforce the information you are imparting, but will give you a very clear indication of what parts of your presentation are having an impact! 

4. Power Point transitions. 
Think about your first line of each slide, if you are using Power Point presentations. It is very easy to fall into lazy habits "on this slide..." or "so..." at the beginning of each slide. Planning your transitions will make you think a little harder about your presentation as a whole - and give it a fresh makeover! 

5. Create activities. 
Think about the points you are making and create some games or  activities around the material. This will vitalise your material and your audience - and create an effective impact. 

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